Agriculture in Ivory Coast: digital solutions to revolutionize the sector

In mid-April, the Ivorian Minister of Digital Economy, Telecommunications and Innovation, Roger Félix Adom, launched the AgriStore digital platform, a digital solution with the aim of revolutionizing the agricultural sector in the country.

This platform, framed within the PSNDEA project (Digital Solutions for the Opening of the Rural Environment and E-Agriculture) will serve as a useful tool for the digitalization of agriculture in Côte d’Ivoire. Its main objective is to facilitate the day-to-day activities of the actors in the agricultural value chain, connecting producers, transporters, buyers, financial institutions and populations on the same digital platform. The pilot phase will start in the Haut-Sassandra, Goh, Loh Djiboua and Bounkani regions.

Through the connection between the different actors in the agricultural process, the purpose of the project is to increase access to digital services in rural areas, improve the productivity of farmers and access to markets through digital platforms. To ensure the success of the project, one of its priorities is to ensure rural connectivity, the provision of digital services to rural communities and the rehabilitation of rural access roads so that the platform reaches the entire world.