Objective of the Government of Ivory Coast: reduce the poverty rate to less than 20% by 2030

At the last Côte d’Ivoire government seminar, Prime Minister Patrick Achi set the goal of boosting the country’s economic growth with a view to reducing the poverty rate to less than 20% by 2030, up from 39% in 2018.

Some of the tools that he has proposed to achieve this objective are “to make employment a daily political struggle, putting the employment of young people and the empowerment of women at the center of our actions,” as announced by the prime minister.

This reduction in the poverty rate should lead to doubling the country’s GDP per capita, allowing the majority of the population to be part of a middle class with a powerful private sector.

Another of the points discussed by the minister is the improvement of human capital; noting that it is essential that the State allow universal access to essential public goods, such as electricity, drinking water, health, housing, mobility and digital connection.

This seminar has been the first in 2021 and it is the first in which the Government of Patrick Achi participates, which was formed on April 6. The prime minister reiterated that his government wants to be a government of results, so that they will work to make these objectives come true.