State of the Senegalese economy in the first half of 2021

In the last report carried out by the DPEE (Directorate of Forecasts and Economic Studies) it was possible to clearly observe which sectors within the Senegalese economy have registered an improvement. Today, we will comment on them briefly.

The objective of the country at present is very clear: to improve its economic activity. The numbers never lie, and in the case of Senegal the economy has increased by 4.6%, excluding agriculture and forestry from these data.

The 11.9% increase experienced in tertiary activity is mainly due to financial, recreational and communication activities, among others. However, education, accommodation and catering decreased compared to the period analyzed. These, however, did not greatly affect the final profits.

Regarding the activity of the primary sector, although in recent months it fell by 2.6%, the sector consolidated at a resounding 21.8% as a result of the increases in the livestock subsector.

Regarding the activity of the secondary sector, it fell slightly by 0.4%. Despite minimal losses, we see a good recovery in the data thanks to mining activities, rubber and plastic processing, and chemical manufacturing, which all performed strongly during this period.

It should be noted that, on an annual basis, there has been significant growth in economic activity in Senegal in recent months, driven by the primary, tertiary sectors and, to a lesser degree, the secondary, public and administration sectors, resulting in the final result clear benefits.