The first minibuses manufactured in the Ivory Coast

Recently, what are officially the first minibuses of the Iveco Daily Ivoire Vehicle Assembly Unit arrived in Abidjan, officially turning the country into a car manufacturer. “This is the first time that the vehicles produced here will have the “Made in Ivory Coast” seal due to the high level of assembly that takes place on the assembly lines,” the Prime Minister announced in his speech.

This project dates back to its beginnings in August 2018, when the assembly line was launched, and there are many expectations regarding its development.

Méïté Bouaké, the general manager of Sotra (Abidjan transport company), explained that the assembly line of these minibuses is 100% assembled in Sotra, through its subsidiary Sotra Industries.

This assembly unit has the capacity to generate 1,000 minibuses per year, and is equipped with the most innovative technologies. It is estimated that, thanks to it, the creation of 500 new jobs will be allowed.

These Iveco Daily minibuses can be derived in several models, depending on the final objective of the buyer: passenger transport vehicle, construction vehicles or ambulances.

The Minister of Commerce and Industry pointed out that, according to the National Development Program 2021-2025, the objective of Côte d’Ivoire is to increase the contribution of the industrial sector to GDP up to 30%.