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Exportar a Nigeria

Nigeria is a sovereign country located in West Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea, whose form of government is the presidential federal republic. Its territory is made up of 36 federated states and a federal district.

Its total population is 181,562,056 inhabitants (2015). Its capital is Abuja, with 1,178,568 inhabitants, and its most populated city and former capital is Lagos, with 7,937,932 inhabitants.

Nigeria is undoubtedly the economic giant of the region, it is the second-largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa, after South Africa. However, its economic and commercial relations with its neighbors are much lower than would be expected, so Nigeria cannot be used as a base to export to neighboring countries due to all the difficulties at the borders, due to the terrible state of the infrastructures and due to the notorious difficulties of the ports, which are collapsed and very little transparent.

The country is highly dependent on oil exports, which represent around 92% of total sales and a large part of the state’s income. Agriculture is the first activity that Nigerians engage in. However, the country’s food self-sufficiency is not assured, due to the limited modernization of the sector.

The most imported products by Nigeria are mechanical and electrical machinery and vehicles. Its main trading partners are China, the United States, India, and Brazil.

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