Ghana: plan for foreign investment in mining

Ghana: plan for foreign investment in mining

Recently, the Minister of Lands and Natural Resources of Ghana, Samuel Abu Jinapor, emphasized his already recurrent call to investors and the objective of the State to bet on reforms that can increase interest in the mining industry in the country.

“Therefore, the general objective of the government in the mining sector is to build a sustainable, viable, indigenous and environmentally friendly mining industry, with a strong participation of local content that contributes to the sustainable development of the country,” he said.

Currently, mining is the main export sector in Ghana, contributing 10% of GDP. Having overtaken South Africa in 2018, Ghana is the world\’s seventh largest producer and Africa\’s largest gold producer. In addition to gold, Ghana is also a major producer of other mineral resources, including bauxite, diamond, manganese and phosphates.

Part of this success is due to the strategies that the country\’s government has carried out to successfully attract investors. Backed by political stability and economic dynamism, the government aims to establish a business environment that can lead to increased investment in all components of the mining industry, from exploration to operation.

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