Ivory Coast: a relevant investment center in West Africa

Ivory Coast: a relevant investment center in West Africa

The recent report entitled \”Report: Côte d\’Ivoire 2022\”, published by the consulting and economic intelligence firm Oxford Business Group (OBG) indicates that Côte d\’Ivoire is positioning itself as an important investment center in the West African area.

This report highlights that the economy of this country is one of the most dynamic and attractive in ECOWAS, with a registered average annual growth of almost 8.5% between 2012 and 2019, even maintaining positive growth positions throughout of 2020, something that most countries could not match, much less exceed.

Despite a global context affected by instability, its GDP growth rate is 7% in 2021, so the recovery looks most promising.

What has motivated you to obtain these results? The OBG study points to the deep structural reforms in the country, especially financial and monetary. These have allowed the country to configure a most attractive environment for economic agents, resulting in an increase in foreign direct investment. This foreign direct investment went from 578 million dollars in 2016 to more than 1,300 million dollars in 2021.

According to this study, the positive results will not be maintained only in investments: it is expected that the country can become a top tourist destination to be among the five most visited countries in Africa. The report explores the strategy put in place to achieve this, in a context of growing interest in sustainable tourism.

The opportunities present in the energy, agri-food industry or even construction sectors, driven by urban developments, are also examined in the economic intelligence firm\’s new investment guide.

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