Export to Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast is located in West Africa. It borders Liberia and Guinea to the west; Mali and Burkina Faso to the north; Ghana to the east, and the Gulf of Guinea to the south.

It is the 53rd most populous country and the 68th largest in the world, with an estimated population of just under 23 million.

For comparison purposes, the area of Ivory Coast is comparable to the area of Norway or the area of the state of New Mexico. Ivory Coast offers a varied range of landscapes, from the desert savanna in the north to the virgin forest.

It is a multi-ethnic state with very important immigration flows. Its indigenous population (74% of the total) is divided into 66 ethnic groups, derived at the same time from large common ethnic groups such as the Akanes, Mandés, Gur, and Krou.

Ivory Coast is one of the main exporters of West Africa, traditionally of coffee and cocoa and, in recent years, also of oil and gas. The trade balance is positive, and the main trading partners are Nigeria, France, and the Netherlands. Its imported products include refined petroleum, cereals, frozen fish, and automobiles.

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